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To get started with Renovō Clinic simply fill out the form below to receive a text message with our new patient intake and medical history forms.

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Getting started couldn't be any simpler

  • Begin by completing our new patient intake paperwork and signing privacy and consent forms

  • Schedule your first appointment with one of our licensed medical providers

  • Your provider will order a comprehensive set of blood tests that you can complete at your local LabCorp facility

  • Meet your medical provider to review your health history, blood test results, symptoms, and lifestyle

  • Take daily steps toward your goals by working your personalized plan, one simple change at a time

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pricing for clinical treatments vary depending on health goals, prescription drug coverage and type of medication prescribed. Pricing for our concierge care programs start as low as $79/month for medication management and $59 for prescription medications.

  • No, Renovō does not currently participate in network with insurance. However, we are actively working on credentialing with all major insurance carriers. Until then, please enjoy our simple and streamlined cash pay pricing.

  • Yes, Renovō accepts both HSA and FSA as payment options.

  • Yes, in order to provide the best and safest patient experience, Renovō requires that all visits be completed with two-way audio and visual communication. 

  • Renovō providers are responsible for determining the best treatment program for each patient. All prescription medications are prescribed at the discretion of your provider.

  • Yes, Renovō providers treat within their speciality using any FDA approved medication that they deem appropriate. These prescriptions are sent to your local pharmacy and processed according to your prescription drug insurance benefits.

  • Yes, in cases where availability or specific dosages, ingredients, or routes of administration are outside of the commercially available formulary, Renovō providers will prescribe a compounded medication to one of our partner compounding pharmacies.

  • Yes, the compliance processes regulating compounding pharmacies is extremely rigorous. Renovō regularly takes tours of its partner pharmacies and reviews the sterility and quality test results of every batch of compounded medication.

  • You'll begin by answering questions about your health history and scheduling an appointment with one of our licensed providers. 

To continually ensure ideal patient outcomes, Renovō Clinic contract and parters with industry leaders across the medical, nutrition, exercise, and wellness fields. 

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