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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is an emerging treatment approach that's shown promise in managing autoimmune conditions and hormonal imbalances. 

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

  • Therapeutic option for those struggling with autoimmune disorders and hormonal imbalances

    Taken as a tablet once per day

    Up to 92% response rate in mitigating the immune system markers associated with autoimmune conditions

  • Always take LDN as directed by your health care provider. Generally, LDN is taken as a tablet once a day.

  • Prescription medications require an online visit with a licensed provider who will determine if the prescription is appropriate.


    The most common side effects of LDN include vivid dreams, sleep disturbances, and headaches. Rare, but serious side effects include abdominal pain, chest pain, and blurred vision. Contact your provider immediately if you experience any negative side effects from a medication.

Compounded medications may be prescribed based on personal weight loss needs. While federal law allows the prescription of compounded drugs, they are not FDA-approved and do not undergo safety, effectiveness, or manufacturing review. Please see additional safety information for more information.

Modulates Immune System

LDN temporarily blocks opioid receptors which triggers the release of endorphins, which play a critical role in regulating the immune system.

Reduces Inflammation

By triggering the release of endorphins that can regulate the immune system, LDN is shown to reduce inflammatory markers such as ESR.

Balances Hormones

By regulating the immune system and systemic inflammatory status, LDN promotes improved hormonal balance.

Frequency asked questions about LDN

  • Compounded LDN with Renovō costs $219 per month and includes your follow-up visits with your provider, follow-up labs, and your monthly supply of medication.

  • Insurance does not often cover treatment with compounded LDN, however your Renovō care team will always attempt to receive prior authorization for coverage from your insurance company. Renovō charges $79 per month to manage care when insurance covers LDN.

  • Results and timelines vary from person to person, however most patients begin seeing results within the first three months of treatment.

  • LDN treatment results depend on the individual health history, lifestyle factors, and needs of each patient. Renovō evaluates every patients hormones, currently prescribed medications, and lifestyle to ensure they are receiving whatever support possible in achieving consistent and long-term results.

  • Yes, all visits with Renovō require a synchronous audio-visual connection. Additionally, patients are required to see their provider at least every six months and complete follow-up labs at least every six months. All visits and labs are included in our monthly fee.

  • Yes, LDN is only available if prescribed by a licensed healthcare professional. Your Renovō care team will determine whether this medication is appropriate for you.

  • The length of time patients take LDN varies based on individual health history, lifestyle, and medical history. LDN has been shown to be well tolerated for extended periods of time, however the goal is always to utilize the least amount of medication for the shortest period of time.

  • Yes, the compliance processes regulating compounding pharmacies is extremely rigorous. Renovō regularly takes tours of its partner pharmacies and reviews the sterility and quality test results of every batch of compounded medication. 

  • You'll begin by answering questions about your health history and scheduling an appointment with one of our licensed providers. 

We work only with FDA-inspected, state-regulated compounding pharmacies that exceed regulatory board standards for quality and safety to fulfill our prescriptions for compounded medications.*

Renovō's commitment to quality and safety

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Sterility Testing

Potency Testing

pH Testing

Endotoxicity Testing

*Additional quality and safety information can be provided by the pharmacy fulfilling your prescription.

To continually ensure ideal patient outcomes, Renovō Clinic contract and parters with industry leaders across the medical, nutrition, exercise, and wellness fields. 

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