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Performing your best doesn't have to be impossible. Our men's health specialists can customize a treatment program that optimizes your hormones and ensure you have the stamina to win your whole day.

Men's health for energy that outlasts the day

Personalized, clinically proven treatment plans delivered by licensed healthcare providers

Prescription medications tailored to your lifestyle and unique hormonal profile

Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle support available 24/7, all online

Get access to medications like injectable testosterone, tadalafil, sildenafil, or avanafil, if your provider determines it's the right choice for you.

Prescription medications to support your journey


$129 per month


$49 per month


$49 per month


$49 per month

Hair Growth Serum

$89 per month

Men's health treatments, including testosterone therapy, avanafil, tadalafil, sildenafil, and hair growth serums, are prescribed based on what your provider determines is medically appropriate and necessary for you. This may include prescribing generic drug products, and/or compounded products if appropriate and necessary. Compounded testosterone and hair growth serums are not approved by the FDA and are not evaluated for safety, efficacy, or quality. The effectiveness of these treatments may vary based on individual response and adherence to prescribed regimens. Discontinuation of testosterone therapy or hair growth treatments may lead to a recurrence of symptoms such as reduced energy levels or hair loss, respectively.

Personalized lifestyle programs based on your lifestyle, stress levels, health history, and mental health goals.

We're your hormone experts and friends you can count on

Personalized nutrition programs and A.I. driven eating plans
Exercise tips and professionally designed workout plans
Prescription medication delivered straight to your door
Discounts on NSF and GMP certified nutraceuticals and supplements
One-on-one support and answers to questions when you need them
Mindfulness and meditation programs and techniques
Continuous education that's always accurate and up-to-date
Predictable results and life long, sustainable progress

Getting started couldn't be any simpler

  • Begin by completing our new patient intake paperwork and signing privacy and consent forms

  • Schedule your first appointment with one of our licensed medical providers

  • Your provider will order a comprehensive set of blood tests that you can complete at your local LabCorp facility

  • Meet your medical provider to review your health history, blood test results, symptoms, and lifestyle

  • Take daily steps toward your goals by working your personalized plan, one simple change at a time

Real results, emotions, stories, obstacles, triumphs, and most importantly, patients.

A few reviews and stories from real patients

"Many places claim to put patients first, but the team at Renovō exemplifies this with every action. Because of this team my hormones are perfectly managed and I've been able to reduce all markers of heart disease risk across the board.

- John M.

"I'd been treated for low testosterone for years before finding Renovō. The quality of care and expertise is immediately evident during the first interaction. For the first time in over a decade I am feeling good all day, working out without aches and pains, and waking up actually feeling rested.

Jose C.

"I had no idea I felt so badly until I wasn't waking up every day thinking exhaustion was normal. After repeatedly being turned down elsewhere, Renovō ran a comprehensive assessment and was able to diagnose issues with my metabolism of testosterone. Since starting treatment I feel like I should have felt when I was young."

- Jesse N.

"Thanks to Renovō I have performed better than ever in the gym, improved my sleep quality and daily energy, and have been able to achieve a physique I'd always dreamed of. Every follow-up reminds me that my health is in great hands moving forward.

Brian S.

"Undergoing Renovō's comprehensive diagnostic process and reviewing my history with a provider uncovered serious cardiac issues that could have gone undetected until it was too late. They have helped me reverse all of that and maintain balanced hormones so I can still be a dad and do the things I love.

Tim S.

Ready to begin your men's health journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pricing for men's health treatment varies depending on prescription drug coverage and type of medication prescribed. Pricing for treating hair loss or sexual health start at $49/month and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is $129/month.

  • No, Renovō does not require insurance. Our pricing and billing models are simple and straightforward. Our providers will attempt to receive prior authorizations from your insurance company for commercially available medications, though. Insurance does not cover compounded Ketamine for at home use.

  • Yes, Renovō accepts both HSA and FSA as payment options.

  • Yes, in order to provide the best and safest patient experience, Renovō requires that all visits be completed with two-way audio and visual communication. Additionally, if you're prescribed a controlled substance, follow-up visits at least every three months are required.

  • Renovō's offers treatment for erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and lack of interest or enjoyment in sex. Renovō has several compounded prescription options for those who lack insurance coverage for commercial medications. All men's health programs include comprehensive nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle support..

  • Renovō does not maintain a stock of commercial medications, however our providers will make attempts on your behalf to receive prior authorization from your insurance company. Many men's health options aren't commercially available and will be made in a licensed compounding pharmacy.

  • Compounded medications are those that have been spefically created for an individual patient. The value of this for men's health is the ability to customize every prescription to maintain a highly specified blend and amount of various medications strategically chosen to alleviate symptoms safely.

  • A licensed Renovō provider will review your health history, blood diagnostic test results, mental health history, and your BMI to determine whether you qualify for treatment with all prescription medications.

  • Yes, testosterone therapy has been approved by the FDA for treating low testosterone for years. At Renovō, we treat to alleviate symptoms rather than chasing a number on a lab reference range. Our routine follow-up blood testing ensures men maintain optimal levels of testosterone without ever going overboard.

  • Depending on your life stage, symptoms, and desire to seek treatment, testosterone therapy can be a long term commitment. Many challenges men deal with are unfortunately unavoidable as they age, so symptoms are likely to return when you discontinue treatment.

  • You'll begin by answering questions about your health history and scheduling an appointment with one of our licensed providers. 

To continually ensure ideal patient outcomes, Renovō Clinic contract and parters with industry leaders across the medical, nutrition, exercise, and wellness fields. 

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